TP-Link M7650 is the latest mobile hotspot or MiFi from TP-Link. It supports much faster LTE speed up to Category 11 with download speed up to 600Mbps. The battery is also bigger at 3000mAh and TP-Link claims it can go up to 15 hours of usage.

The M7650 can let you insert a SIM card and it will share the Internet connection on a WiFi network for your devices to be connected. It can connect as many as 32 devices at one time.

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TP-Link M7650 Review: Specifications

TP-Link M7650 is a portable LTE-A Category 11 hotspot allowing data download at speeds up to 600 Mb/s. With a 3000 mAh battery, the device can work up to 15 hours and can handle up to 32 devices.

TP-Link M7650 is not the first TP-Link 4G LTE mobile WiFi hotspot. The TP-Link MiFi series includes the M5350, whose successor is the LTE version TP-Link M7200.

The most interesting is the M7350, m7310, and m7450 mobile WiFi hotspots, which clearly show how mobile data transmission developed. The first two offer cellular LTE data transmission at DL 150Mbps/UL 50Mbps, while M7450 supporting LTE category 6 allows downloading at 300 Mbps and uploading at 50 Mbps. The hero of today’s test is a device supporting LTE category 11 (LTE-Advanced) and hence offering 600/50 Mbps in the mobile network.

TP-Link M7650 is based on the models M7310 and M7450. The device with dimensions of 112.5 x 66.5 x 16 mm contains a replaceable 3000 mAh battery, which, according to the manufacturer’s declaration, is sufficient for 15 hours of operation and as many as 900 hours in standby mode. In its predecessors (M7310 and M7350), the manufacturer TP-Link used 1800mAh and 2000 mAh batteries.

TP-Link M7650 Review: Usage

After removing the battery, there is a place for a micro SIM card and a micro SD memory card (up to 32 GB). The hotspot was made of gray, pleasant to the touch material. The front part is a black glossy element with a small (1.44 “diagonal) color LCD screen. It is not as big as Netgear models, eg AirCard 810, but the information displayed on it is very clear and the menu is transparent. On the sides of the screen there are two buttons– turning on the power supply and the hotspot menu control button. With the help of two buttons, we can easily navigate the menu of the device and activate the most important options.

Besides the TP-Link documentation, the set includes a nano SIM adapter– micro SIM, in addition to a USB cable for charging the device or wired communication using the NDIS standard.

With the change of mobile communication technology in the TP-Link mifi, the standards of wireless communication have also changed. Thanks to this, we can easily connect up to 32 wireless devices.

TP-Link M7650 Review: LTE Performance

We will be testing the TP-Link M7650 on Celcom 4G+ network around Subang Jaya to see how good is the WiFi speed of the TP-Link M7650. The small screen can actually shows whether you are connected to a 4G+ network or not. It is also able to display the current network speed of the MiFi.

TP-Link M7450 Mobile Wi-Fi Router Review Speed

The 4G speed is really good on the TP-Link M7650. While driving around Subang Jaya, I can obtain over 50Mbps 4G+ download speed with ease. The performance is more or less the same compared to the 4G performance of my iPhone X. If I used it at somewhere with even better 4G+ signal, the LTE speed can be even better. Despite it is a small device, the WiFi coverage is pretty decent for a small apartment if you use 2.4 Ghz.

TP-Link M7650 Review: Setup the MiFi device

TP-Link M7650 can be managed either by using the web interface or using the TP-Link tpMiFi app available for both Android and iOS.

The initial setup is very simple, just insert the SIM card, turn it on and link to the default WiFi with the name and password labeled on he device. The device will automatically connected to the 4G network without need to do any additional settings.

TP-Link M7650 Review: Firmware and Features

The tpMiFi app also lets you to have some additional settings of your network. You can change the WiFi name and select the WiFi band to be used. I recommend the 5Ghz band for the best WiFi speed and stability.

The app also let you to receive and send SMS. It also lets you to send USSD codes which can be used to check credit balance and Internet data usage.

The device is able to track your data usage and let you to limit usage. You can even specify what timings when the data is unlimited as some telco offer free data at certain timing. The TP-Link M7650 do not offer band selection but you can select the network mode using the app.

TP-Link M7650 Review: Closing Thoughts

TP-Link M7650 is a great MiFi with support for even fast LTE 4G+ with improved battery. The band support is rather extensive which means it can work in most foreign country. The 10 hours battery life is also really great and replacement battery can be bought with a cheap price.

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