The TP-Link TL-ER7206 SafeStream Quad-WAN Broadband VPN Router features up to four (4) WAN ports that allow multiple Ethernet connections to the internet at the same time. This gives you the ability to not only enjoy more internet sources from different ISPs but to also reduce network bottlenecks, and with fail-over and automatic load balancing, no manual configuration should ever be required. The TP-Link TL-ER7206 provides all the normal settings of a broadband router, and features advanced functions like Bandwidth Control, Port VLAN, UPnP, VPN Pass-through, Firewall and more.

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TP-Link TL-ER7206 VPN Router Reviews: Easy to Manage

Your TP-Link TL-ER7206 router is fully provisioned to our Omada SDN Cloud Controller prior to dispatch, so you simply connect it to your network via an Ethernet cable and away you go! Just purchase any of the Omada SDN Cloud Controller Access Points to increase your WiFi network, and they will be dispatched ready to join your network. With TP-Link’s Omada SDN user management, you can see exactly who is on the network and the location of connected devices on your WiFi network.

TP-Link TL-ER7206 VPN Router Reviews: Features

Gigabit multi-WAN VPN router
1x Gigabit RJ45 WAN, 1x Gigabit SFP WAN
2x Gigabit RJ45 LAN, 2x Gigabit RJ45 WAN/LAN
Supports IPsec/PPTP/L2TP/ OpenVPN.
As many as 100 simultaneous IPSec VPN tunnels.
Comprehensive network security.
Ability to centrally manage via Omada SDN.
Multi WAN Router.
With the TP-Link SafeStream TP-Link TL-ER7206 router, you provide your organization with a professional, secure and reliable router. The Gigabit multi-WAN VPN router supports up to 4 WAN ports, of which 1 port is a dedicated SFP WAN port for a fiber connection. The load balancing function distributes the data flows over the different WAN ports depended on the bandwidth, in order to optimally use the capacity.

TP-Link TL-ER7206 VPN Router Reviews: VPN.

IPSec, PPTP, L2TP and OpenVPN are supported by the TP-Link TL-ER7206 router, so your employees can securely access the corporate network remotely. In addition, the data traffic between the router and the device with the VPN access is secured via encryption.
Comprehensive network security.
The TP-Link TL-ER7206 router is equipped with numerous firewall functions like IP/MAC/URL filtering. DoS defense automatically blocks DoS attacks (Denial of Service) to protect your network.

TP-Link TL-ER7206 VPN Router Reviews: Omada SDN.

Via the Omada SDN cloud controller software you can manage your Omada SDN network( s), to which the router belongs, centrally and professionally via the cloud. You can also opt for the handy hardware Omada OC200 cloud controller on which the management software is already preinstalled and which you place in your network.

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